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We really value your comments on our work. Please feel free to give feed back on anything concerning Street Pride.


14 Responses to Your comments

  1. Mrs Scott says:

    Looking forward to seeing your site develop! It is wonderful to see the work you are doing in and around Whittlesey.

  2. Well done Peter and Alan,
    Whittlesey Street Pride Group first to get its own website.
    A fantastic way of keeping everyone informed.
    Best wishes from Roy & Connie (Sunshine in Thailand) ……

  3. Ann Graves says:

    Love the new website! It’s excellent and a really good way of keeping everyone informed.

  4. Bernard Gray-Esson says:

    A great start. Will continue to help as and when, unfortunately this has not been as often as I would like. Wishing you all every success.

  5. tiffany says:

    Well done on your new website!

  6. Nige says:

    Excellent website. Well Done.

  7. As Abellio Greater Anglia’s volunteer Station Adopter for Whittlesea Station, I have created a ‘Friends of Whittlesea Station’ Facebook page, so we have a place where we can exchange ideas about how to improve the appearance of the station (eg.vegetation clearance and placing flower tubs on both platforms). I hope some of the members of Whittlesey Street Pride will join me in doing something about the station area, which is desperately in need of smartening up (I am aware that there are issues regarding ownership of land around the station, which is so far preventing anything getting done).

    Last week for example, a person or persons unknown decided to use the inside of the shelter on the Peterborough-bound platform as a toilet, and yours truly had to clear up the mess. If you find out who it is, please pass on the information onto the local Police. Thank you.

  8. Pete Davies says:

    Thanks for your comments, have been on Facebook, signs around town, media newspapers, magazines ( Discovering Whittlesey) monthly) but the same old, same old. Names given and then silence. The old comments, people don’t leave comments that read us, because they are satisfied with what they read. Please let me have your email address and I will keep you posted as to what is happening , yes come along and see, join and be part of our strong active force. Also, without advertising our selves like mad, we have achieved so, so much.

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