NAGS HEAD                  Whittlesey MiniSkip Hire[11]      Vesuvio's[2]
BIH Logo Small[3]





image006                 image014          WILLOW CAT

Briggate Service Station                           The  Spirit of Whittlesey

Blinds in Harmony with Blinds Direct     The  Jubilee Garden Plough Road

Caesar Smith                                             The  Windmill Street Planters

Chippy Sues                                                The Litter Picker

Coates Plough March Road                 Dobbies Garden Centre

Cobwebs B&B                                             The Litter Picker

Westfield Nurseries                                  The Wayfarer Garden

D. K. Harris “Here comes Harris ”           The Pride of Whittlesey

Fenland Council                                          The Spirit of Whittlesey

Lions Whittlesey                             A  Bench on the Millennium Wheel

Nisa Local                                                    The Rose Garden

Nisa Local                                    The Wildfowler Guildenburgh Crescent

Nisa Local                                    2 Benches at the Jubilee Garden, Plough Road

Nisa Local                                    Plants Jubilee Garden Plough Road

Muffin Oven                                                The Rose Garden

Versuvio Italian Restaurant                      The Litter Picker

Whitmore Guest House                              The Windmill Street Planters

Whittlesey & District Round :

A Bench at Whitmore Street / Windmill Street junction

also a second on the A605 grass verge close to the Queen Street Surgery


2 Responses to Sponsors.

  1. Donna Snitch says:

    Looking good !

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