Minutes of 21st February 2018


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                                Whittlesey Street Pride  Bi-Monthly


                                                21st February 2018

                                      At The Manor Leisure Centre


Present:  (Chairman) Fred Mills, Bernard Gray-Esson, Alan Hobbs, David Palmer, Peter Davies, Rob Boddington, Min Mean, Sandra Green, Martin Green, David & Jackie Prebble. Phil Knighton.

Apologies: Susan Overton, Andrew Overton, Gill Green, Dick Green, Margaret Palmer, Roy Gerstner, Pearl Burdock.

Matters Arising from last meeting

The Christmas Party was a fantastic success and was an exceptional evening that everybody enjoyed. The Whittlesey Extravaganza was not a successful evening one for being so, so cold and also those that said they were interested were never heard from again. Fred Mills also has concerns over the “lockup” as people were seen in the vicinity measuring the building etc.  Concerns have been raised as to the possibility that we might lose the use of this building.

Treasurers Report:

The funds are looking really good, especially as Tesco / Ground force have deposited 75% of the grant money into our account. A further £1000 will be deposited on completion.

Bank balance of this evening is £5895.23

Bernard Gray-Esson proposed that the accounts be excepted and Jackie Prebble seconded the motion.

Update on Tesco Bag Grant:

The Chairman Fred Mills announced that we had indeed successful and we were awarded the top grant of £4000. He then read out the terms and conditions that are imposed upon acceptance and which we have to abide by. Only receipts above £1000 need to be presented, all others are to be kept and made ready for viewing should the occasion arise. Bernard raised the point of signage, Rebecca Robinette had agreed to supply a small sign to be attached to the exhibit, but a far better idea was presented at a cost of approximately £300 / £350. An information board similar to that in the Cemetery and the Pound was looked at. It was agreed that this would be a better idea to convey to the public as to who gave / donated the money and indeed who Street Pride are. Also on the information board would be the historical facts as to where and how it was used. It was proposed by Jackie Prebble and seconded by Alan Hobbs a vote was taken and was agreed that this was the way forward and that an order be placed. Bernard Gray – Esson also mentioned that he was present at a Council meeting where it was announced that they were now open to receiving  requests for grants. Fred also informed us that Charlotte from Tesco had requested that a photograph to be taken with Street Pride with her presenting the cheque for £4000. A debate ensued as to the expenditure of the money and advertising our success. Peter Davies will speak to the Editor of Discovering Whittlesey and report back at the next meeting. Bernard Gray – Esson said that it would be a good idea that the Secretary sent a letter of thanks to Christian Wilson thanking him for his help and input.

Christmas Party: 

Childers have been contacted with regard to our Christmas Party this year, only the 12th / 6th (Thursdays) were still available. Peter Davies to recheck as to the dates still available other than those mentioned.

Business Forum, it was decided to attend, proposed by Phil Knighton, seconded by Alan Hobbs. Names were taken as to who would / could attend our stand. Sandra & Martin Green, Alan Hobbs, Peter Davies and David Palmer were those who could be there on the day.

Litter Pick Dates:








Saturday 10th March 10am Kings Dyke – Meet in lay by next to Truck Stop Café.
Saturday 24th March 10am Mortons Leame  –  Meet over the bridge in the car park.
Saturday 7th April 10am Gothic House – Met in the drove next to Gothic House
Saturday 21st April 10am Manor Field – Meet in car Park.
Saturday 5th May 10.30am Lattersey Nature Reserve- Meet in car park, plus stall at event


Planting update:

David Palmer informed us that he has already ordered plants for the summer beds, there are 400 Geraniums plants plus 300 marigolds. David informed us that the Lions Bench had been attacked in places where the wood had been chewed and also the sign had been chopped at with parts of the screw attachments missing. Bernard Gray- Esson said that the Nags Head window boxes were in need of some maintenance, plus it was now under new management and whether they would continue their sponsorship was debateable.

Updates on Festival Recruitment:

We will not be attending the Whittlesey Extravaganza this year. Whittlesey Festival, we will be attending and Peter Davies was only waiting on for the new insurance policy to complete our application. Once that is done he will send in the application.


The Round Table bench , Peter Davies had looked into the possibility of having a refuse bin placed next to it. It would cost £350 and planning plus collection from the bin had / has been agreed. A vote was taken whether to proceed. It was proposed by Jackie Prebble and seconded by Bernard Gray – Esson, the vote was a unanimous yes. Peter Davies is to order it through Rebecca Robinette.

Phil Knighton, suggested that when we have publicity in magazines etc., that we ask the public for litter pick area’s that we should visit.

Jackie Prebble, mentioned that an invitation had been sent to the Chairman ( Whittlesey Street Pride ) to the Open Day of the Reserve. We could litter pick beforehand and then have a stand to promote ourselves. It was agreed to attend and have the stand.

Please would we all note that this litter pick will start at 10.30am and NOT at 10am.

Meeting Closed at 8.50pm

Thanks once again to Rosemary and Fred for the refreshments plus the contribution from Jen Robertson.


One Response to Minutes of 21st February 2018

  1. Hello Dear Street Pride Friends & Members

    It has been sometime, I am sorry to say.

    How wonderful it was to see some of you at the Whittlesey festival. Roy has convinced me to return & offer whatever time I can muster to aid you in your fantastic endeavors. You must all be so very pleased with the brilliant effort put in by everyone, it does not go unnoticed, I can personally assure you of that.

    I hope to attend the next bi monthly meeting at the town hall, if for any reason I can not make it, then with all will I shall see some of you at the next LP, location yet to be arranged.

    Until then, THANK YOU ALL.. For making Whittlesey look & feel like home..!

    Warmest Regards

    Love & Peace..Lou xx 😉

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