Minutes of 18th October 2017


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                                Whittlesey Street Pride  Bi-Monthly


                                                18th October 2017

                                      At The Manor Leisure Centre


Present:  (Chairman) Fred Mills, Bernard Gray-Esson, Alan Hobbs, David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Peter Davies, Rob Boddington, Min Mean, Pearl Burdock, Amy Robinson FDC, Gill Green, Sandra Green, Martin Green, David & Jackie Prebble.

Apologies: Susan Overton, Andrew Overton, Phil Knighton, Rob Kent, Roy Gerstner, Green, Dick Green.

Matters Arising from last meeting 

No objections and were signed off as correct, except for Min Mean who corrected 3A’s to U3A’s.

Chairman’s Report:

This is the last bi- monthly meeting of the year the December meeting slot is taken up with the Christmas Party, next bi-monthly is in February so if you have something to say tonight is your last chance this year.

A list follows of the work and litter picks we have carried out, it has been a busy 2 months.

Saturday 26th August – Kings Delph litter pick.

31st August – Installation of the Lions Bench on the Millennium Wheel cycle way Whittlesey,

Sunday 3rd September Lions Music Day on the Butter Cross. Street pride attendance cancelled

5th September 2017 – We installed the Whittlesey Round Table bench outside of the Queen Street Surgery

Sunday 10th September Whittlesey Festival,

Saturday 23rd September – Manor Leisure Litter pick changed from Lattersey as travellers were on site and it was thought best kept away from.

29th September – We renewed the Coates Plough base,

On the5th October – We planted the Coates plough with plants and gravel supplied by Dobbies. In the evening we went to March for the Street Pride celebration evening which was very pleasant, thank you to Rebecca and Fenland council for a nice evening

Saturday 7th October – Litter pick Lattersey Nature reserve as thankfully the travellers had been moved on.

Saturday 21st October – Next litter pick Stonald Road / Crossway Hands – Meet at the junction.

I want to say a big thank you to all the members who participated in the litter-picks and a special thank you for all that took part in the installation work /renovations, and also a big thank you to Samantha Bannister of Dobbies Peterborough for supplying the plants and gravel also for her much appreciated assistance with planting.

Over the 3 litter picks we averaged 13 bags per pick, and an attendance of 13 members per litter pick.

I look forward to the further and continuing   success of Whittlesey Street Pride.

A letter was also received from the Whittlesey Bowls Club at the Manor Leisure Station Road. It was to thank us for donating 9 bags of top soil from our plough project in Coates, this was then used in their raised garden feature that they were building.

Most of this report would be discussed in later subjects and as such any comments would be held until these reports are spoken about.

Treasurers Report:

Phil Knighton was unfortunately absent and his report was read out by Peter Davies.

A health account again with:        Deposits £3048.66

Expenditure with excess income profit £3048.66 

Update on Tesco Bag Grant:

Organisation Name – Whittlesey Street Pride Group; Project Title – Whittlesey Street Pride 10th Anniversary Garden.

Hello Frederick,


We are delighted to let you know that your application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and your project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores during November and December 2017.

What happens next?

Your project along with the other two successful projects in your region will go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where their customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting will take place from Wednesday 1st November 2017 to Monday 1st January 2018 and we will notify you by the end of January 2018 confirming the amount of funding you will receive. The project with the highest number of votes across your region will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000. If you are first in the vote, you will receive the amount that you requested in your application.

Please note, before the vote starts we will email you a list of stores taking part in the voting on your project so please do not contact us about this.

Communications Guidance:

Please see below a link to communications guidance on how to promote your project during the voting period, which all successful groups will be required to follow. Once the vote has taken place, you will be contacted by a local Bags of Help Enabler who will be on hand to provide you with support in delivering your project.

Kind Regards and congratulations!

Good luck in the voting!

Tesco Bags of Help team – Groundwork UK


The Coates Plough is now magnificent, thanks to Dobbies who supplied all the plants, membrane and countless bags of coloured gravel which totalled £400 in value. They did not wish to have an advertising board on the frontage and have settled for just an A5 sign informing the public that the plants were donated by them. A really magnificent gesture and we are most grateful. A big thank you has to be given to those people that participated in the renovation work and planting.

Christmas Party at Childers:

Fred Mills has concluded the arrangement for the menu and cost. An email will be sent out to those who wish to attend with the proposed menu and cost per head.

Future Litter Pick Dates: 

Saturday  21st October     10am Stonald Road / Crossway Hands – Meet at the  junction
Saturday  4th November     10am Eastrea Road – meet at Gothic House opposite the tile factory
Saturday 18th November     10am Ramsey Road – Meet in the layby where our boat is.
Saturday  2nd December     10am Kings Dyke – meet in the layby where the Truck Stop Café is.
Friday 8th December     TBA Whittlesey Extravaganza  where we have a stand
Thursday 14th December  7.30pm Street Pride Christmas Dinner at Childers, Station Road,
    Monday 1st January    2018     10am Meet at the Butter Cross New Year’s Day 
Sunday  14th January     10am Straw Bear clean-up day – meet at the Butter Cross
Saturday  27th January     10am Morton’s Leame – meet in car park over bridge on the right
Saturday  10th Feb     10am Cemetery Road – meeting at Cemetery gate entrance.
Wednesday 21st Feb  7.30pm Bi-Monthly at The Manor Leisure Centre, Station Road.
Saturday 24th February   10am Station Road – meet in the Station Car park.


Planting update from David & Margaret Palmer:

All projects have now been planted up, with the exception of the Kings Dyke boat that needs maintenance and attention to the structure. They wished to thank, Gill & Dick Green, Phil Knighton who helped them with the clearing of old the plants. Peter Davies has been offered 3/400 crocus bulbs. Bernard Gray-Esson said that he would take some for the Nags Head boat and window boxes.  The window boxes in some instances need renovation and he will lease with Alan Hobbs to agree a suitable time.


Pearl Burdock would like it put on record that Cameron Newell has been most helpful in looking after the boat at Guildenburgh Crescent. He is not a member plus he is still only 13 years old. The Secretary will write a suitable letter thanking him for his help.

Min Mean asked why she was not being informed of certain happenings with regard to planting of the Coates Plough. It was not a requirement to have an email address and is not in the constitution as being one of the requirements of joining Whittlesey Street Pride. It was explained by Alan Hobbs that he had every intention of putting this information through her door, especially as he passes it two or more times a day. Unfortunately he had forgotten on this occasion to do so, his apologies were offered. Min Mean also said that the Coates group of people that she knew thought that Whittlesey Street Pride were a great group of people for doing all the work that they do.

Amy Robinson, is based in March next to Rebecca Robinette  and is employed to promote the use of the Blue bin system of recycling. Her object is to explain to schools, community groups, women’s institutes the virtues of this bin. Street Pride is not expected to help in her quest; children are her real target area. More education required on how the blue bins are used or supposed to be used and not as sometimes just another “overflow” bin to fill instead of using the green one which might be full. The blue bins then become contaminated and cannot be recycled and go to the landfill instead. A lengthy discussion ensued and many questions answered.

The Lions bench has been installed on the Millennium Wheel and is a success.

Round Table bench at the Queen Street surgery has also been installed and is being used on a regular basis.

Bernard Gray-Esson said that he was informed at the Street Pride Brazza annual meeting that Rings End were a successful recipient of £10,000 from the Tesco bags grant. He wondered as to why we / our grant was for only £5000 – £4000 – £1000 respectively. The only reason might be that Tesco had changed the criteria and had reduced the prizes. Would the money awarded to us still be spent on the “10 year” project taking into consideration that this was the proposed idea when we made our application?  Fred Mills assured everybody that it would be used to complete the “beet cutter” project.

Meeting Closed 8.45pm


Many thanks to Fred Mills, for the refreshments and biscuits he supplied throughout the meeting.




One Response to Minutes of 18th October 2017

  1. B. G-E. says:

    Well done Peter in again recording the minutes at the Bi-monthly meeting. Your attention to detail and capturing the feeling of our members at these meetings is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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