Minutes of 16th August 2017


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                                Whittlesey Street Pride  Bi-Monthly


                                                16th August 2017 

                                      At The Manor Leisure Centre


Present:  (Chairman) Fred Mills, Bernard Gray-Esson, Alan Hobbs, David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Peter Davies, Rob Boddington, Min Mean, Pearl Burdock.

Apologies: Susan Overton, Andrew Overton, Phil Knighton, Rob Kent, Roy Gerstner, Sandra Green, Martin Green, Gill Green.

Matters Arising from last meeting 

No objections and were signed off as correct.

Chairman’s Report:

Most of this report would be discussed in later subjects and such any comments would be held until these reports are spoken about.

Treasurers Report:

Phil Knighton was unfortunately absent and his report was read out by Peter Davies.

A health account with:            Deposits £3043.00

Expenditure with excess income profit £3043.00

Balance c/f 31/03/17  £3481.40

Plus excess profit:       £305.85

Balance on account:     £3787.25


Update on Tesco Bag Grant;

The Chairman has not seen Charlotte and as such has been unable to ascertain as to what is happening to our application. Unfortunately therefore there has not been any movement on our application other than from other sources, who have informed him that we look as though we might be considered for the draw about December for next year.


Samantha is on holiday, this means that we are without any more information as to whether they are having the Coates Plough site or not. Earth is escaping from the containment sleepers that surround the plough and something needs to be done to stop this. Alan Hobbs would look into the possibility of replacing the sleepers with a more substantial element. David Palmer suggested that Dobbies, do sell raised garden systems, but we really need to have it in writing from Dobbies as to whether they wish to proceed with having the Coates Plough first before we do any major overhaul. Min Mean suggested that perhaps we could use recycled plastic that are made to look like real wood. Also that it be made to look like a cottage garden similar to the she has, it could then be left. The plants (geraniums) could be planted there, which would smother any weeds that might try to grow. Should everything fall through, then it was suggested that the whole Coates Plough feature be removed and dismantled, the ground be returned to grass. The plough would then be stored in the lock up until needed. It could then be used when the Guildenburg Boat needs replacing some time next year.

Street Pride Christmas Celebration:

With figures and preferences now returned it was a unanimous decision 17/1 to have the dinner followed by a short Quiz and carol sing along. Thanks to Sandra and Martin Green who will play for us and supply the carol sheets.

10th Anniversary Report:

Alan reported that all had gone to plan and that the Bench Launch was a total success. Min Mean thought that Lisa Hobbs should be thanked for supplying the sausage rolls.

Future Litter picks: 

Saturday 26th   August         10am Kings Delph – Meet Truck Stop café in the layby
Sunday 3rd September   2pm Lions Music Day on the Butter Cross – We have a stand + Litter pick
Sunday 10th September  8.30am Whittlesey Festival – we have a stand + litter picking during the day.
Saturday 23rd September     10am Lattersey Nature Reserve – Meet in the car park.
Saturday 7th October     10am Manor Leisure – Meet in the car park
Wednesday 18th                                             October  7.30pm Bi-Monthly at The Manor Leisure Centre, Station Road.
Saturday  21st October     10am Stonald Road / Crossway Hands – Meet at the  junction

Planting update:

David and Margaret said that all the beds had been planted and therefore everything was up to date. Min Mean suggested that perhaps some “coloured and droopy” flowers / plants be used next season and to make it a colourful mix.


Recruitment Drive:

We will be attending with our stall and banners the Lions Sunday Music, The Whittlesey Festival and The Christmas Extravaganza which would be far better than being on the market on a Friday, so they have been dropped for the present. Min Mean suggested that Fred perhaps might approach the 3A’s group with a view of giving them a talk on Street Pride. The Cambs. Times are too approached about listing our litter picks.

Date of Next Meeting: 

18th October 2017 at The Manor Leisure Centre Station Road. 


The Lions Bench will be installed on the Millennium Wheel. David Palmer will inform Forterra Brick Company, the owners of the land as to our intent. Help will be required with the heavy lifting of the bench into place.

The Round Table Bench will be installed at the Queen Street Surgery footpath sometime in September, more details as and when available.

Meetings are to be moved to The Manor. It was proposed that the meetings hence forth be held at The Manor Leisure Centre, Station Road Whittlesey. It was discussed in full with Min Mean stating that when it becomes dark, it is a dangerous place to walk home from. Fred explained that it was difficult to park near the Town Hall; he had at times had to park in the Queen Street car park and walk back in the pouring rain. BGE said that Ken Mayor should have be informed and that a letter of thanks be sent to him thanking him for all his years of loyalty in opening up and reserving the Town Hall for us.

BGE, There had been little progress as to the 10th Anniversary Beet Cutter feature. “what is plan B” when will a definitive decision be made and that Tesco’s have changed the rules as to the way they distribute the money. Fred’s answer was that he had not this information and that we would have to wait and see.


Meeting Closed at 8.40pm





One Response to Minutes of 16th August 2017

  1. B. G-E. says:

    Well done Peter in again recording the minutes at the Bi-monthly meeting. Your attention to detail and capturing the feeling of our members at these meetings is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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