Litterpick meetings

These will take place as indicated but they might be cancelled due to bad weather.

Future Events – Litter Picking:            

Future dates that can change or be cancelled due to inclement weather,

Litter Pick Dates:


Saturday 23rd September     10am Manor Leasure – Meet in the car park.
Saturday 7th October     10am Latesly Nature New Road – Meet in the car park
Wed. 18th October                     7.30pm Bi-Monthly at The Manor Leisure Centre, Station Road.
Saturday  21st October     10am Stonald Road / Crossway Hands – Meet at the  junction




7 Responses to Litterpick meetings

  1. pfdavies says:

    I will be there, if it is not raining

  2. Love & Peace.. Lou xx :) says:

    I would come with my son if we could get there but I do not have a car..!

  3. David Palmer says:

    We didn’t expect anybody to venture out last Saturday! well done to all that did!
    See you Wednesday evening 7.30!

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