AGM 18th APRIL 2018

               Whittlesey Street Pride Bi-Monthly


                                 18th April 2018 


                       At The Manor Leisure Centre


Present:  (Chairman) Fred Mills, Charlotte Fountain, Alan Hobbs, Rebecca Robinett, David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Peter Davies, Rob Boddington, Min Mean, Jackie Prebble, David Prebble, Phil Knighton, Rob Kent, Karen Peters, Richard Phillips, Bernard Gray-Esson, Gill Green.

Apologies:  Roy Gerstner, Sandra Green, Chris Nicholas, Sonia Overton, Dick Green, Angie Smith.

Matters Arising from AGM 2017

 No objections and were signed off as correct. 

Chairman’s Report: 

Litter Picks during the last year, we did 23 litter picks, entailing 365 hours of volunteer work.

Collecting 3,690 kilos of rubbish, on our Gateway projects with considerable help from Dobbies, we resolved the problem with the Coates Plough and its maintenance needs. We were also given another boat by a gentleman from March to use in the future.

Social events we had a lovely aqua-BBQ in Alan’s garden with thanks to Lisa for the delicious food.

At Christmas time we had a very nice dinner at Childers with Sandra and Martin providing the super entertainment

Recruiting, although we tried three locations, the Friday market, the Whittlesey Festival and the wind- tunnel Whittlesey Extravaganza all we seemed to get are names and promises, but we will still keep trying.

Finally, I think you are an amazing group of people, you are out in all kinds of weather and trying conditions, you keep Whittlesey clean and tidy, and you are a credit to your town Thank you all, for your support over the last 12 months

Treasurers Report:

Phil Knighton reported another healthy bank account, although the majority was bolstered by the capital injection from Tesco “Bags for cash “ programme which we received £3000 cash now and another £1000 on completion for the “Beet cutter “ project in Grosvenor Road. We had taken £6475 in thus giving us a £2413.83 profit after expenditure. A grand total of £5895.23 includes excess from 31st March 2017 is now at bank with another £1000 to come from Tesco on completion of project.

Updates on 10 year projects (Beet cutter) etc:

Alan Hobbs informed us of the progress so far to attaining our projected target date for completion.

Alan also made us aware of the Gateway projects and their maintenance requirements. An extensive programme of repair and replacement will now begin. It will start with the complete renewal of the boat at Station Road; this will be replaced with a concrete gravel board surround, thus giving a maintenance free site, hopefully. All other sites will be repainted or strengthened as and where required. Margaret Palmer asked if we needed to re – submit planning for the change from a boat to this type of structure at the Station Road site. Alan said, no this was not required. Peter Davies announced that he had secured a new sponsor for this site as Decker Bus had moved away. Westfield Nurseries are our new sponsor, who will also supply all the necessary flowers, compost etc that might be required.

Alan Hobbs informed us of his concern of the Kings Dyke lay-by and all the “mess” that has accompanied the lorries that park there over night. Concerted action had been taken by writing letters / email to the local councillors, Steve Barclay MP and Mr Abelwhite Crime Commissioner. His reply from these gentlemen was that they would have a brain storming session as to eliminating the problem. Rebecca Robinett, commented that it was not the place of the FDC cleansing team to clear away this debris as it was down on the rivers edge and as such came under the Mid Level problem. It was also up to the individuals as to whether they did clear this and it would be their decision to break the health and safety rules.   B.G.E. had raised this matter at Council meetings and had a positive response, especially as Must Farm was about to open to visitors and to see a site like this would not be very welcoming.

Alan Hobbs: appalling entrance into Whittlesey when arriving by train, rubbish laden hedgerows and a “swamp land” full of debris. Whittlesey Town Council had contacted Great Anglia Railways who arranged for an immediate clean up. They did stress that this land concerned was not land leased by them and it had been cleared as a gesture of goodwill.

AOB and close of 2017 – 2018

Martin Green: had seen that Chatteris had been given a trolley, why had we not been given a similar truck. It was explained by Rebecca that she had offered one to Whittlesey Street Pride, but we had deemed it to small for our requirements.

David Palmer; was Bob Ollier still going to supply Amalanchias shrubs, Rebecca said that if he had promised then he would. 

Handing over to Rebecca Robinette as intermediary to close 2017/ 2018 year and oversee election of new officers for 2018/ 2019.

Rebecca Robinett, thanks for all the work that you have done and congratulations. There are four new groups starting up to join those already established. A total of twenty-five groups are now active in Fenland.

All officers are willing to be re-elected for 2018 – 2019

Chairman: Fred Mills

Proposed by Phil Knighton and by Rob Boddington

Vice Chairman: Alan Hobbs

Proposed by Phil Knighton and B.G. Esson

Treasurer: Phil Knighton

Proposed by Rob Boddington and Gill Green

Secretary: Peter Davies

Proposed by Min Mean and Rob Boddington

Horticulturists: Margaret and David Palmer

Proposed by Peter Davies and Alan Hobbs

All were unanimously re-elected.

AO.B. 2018 – 2019

Gill Green: The Whittlesey Community web page had said well-done Whittlesey Street Pride Group.

B.G. Esson: The Daily Mail had started a campaign to clean up Britain; perhaps we could “tap” into such media.

Rob Boddington: should try to utilise the Face book and such like media to get interest in Street Pride and perhaps evening joining.

Litter pick dates:

Saturday 21st April          10am Manor Leisure meet in Car Park
Saturday 5th May    10.30am Lattersey Nature Reserve Open Day – We have stand here, as well as litter picking.
Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm Business Forum Fayre – Manor Leisure – we have a stand here – litter pickers are required but NOT all day
Saturday 2nd June          10am Kings Dyke     Meet at the layby café
Saturday 16th June          10am Eastrea Road – Meet at Gothic House
Saturday 30th June          10am Meet at Crossway Hand / Stonald Road
Saturday 14th July          10am Meet station Car Park Station Road


Dates for your diary

Saturday     August 18th       TBA     BBQ / PARTY Paradise Lane, Whittlesey
Sunday 9th September       TBA Whittlesey Festival Our actual plot not known yet
Friday 14th December       7pm Christmas Party Childers – Station Road


                                                               Close 8.47pm

                                   A big thank you to Lisa Hobbs, for the buffet.





2 Responses to AGM 18th APRIL 2018

  1. jd says:

    Congratulations on having such a successful meeting last night. It sounds as if we are back to normal and hopefully can carry on our “mission” without any more upsets. It would be great too if we could perhaps persuade some of those people upset over the last year to come back? Well done and thanks for getting the minutes done so quickly.


  2. John says:

    What a difference a year makes, now we have piece, love and harmony. Not like the previous years where it was people leaving and certain people causing mayhem with their vicious attitude. People left also that stupid constitution saw people in their droves also leave. Thank goodness sense prevailed and it was voted out, long live people with sanity.

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