AGM 19th APRIL 2017

               Whittlesey Street Pride Bi-Monthly


                                 19th April 2017 


                       At The Manor Leisure Centre


Present:  (Chairman) Fred Mills, Bernard Gray-Esson, Alan Hobbs, Rebecca Robinett, David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Ken Mayor, Peter Davies, Rob Boddington, Andrew Overton, Min Mean, Jackie Prebble, David Prebble, Richard Phillips. 

Apologies: Susan Overton, Gill Green, Pearl Burdock, Phil Knighton, Ruth Williamson, Rob Kent, Eddy Bloy, Roy Gerstner, Sandra Green, Martin Green.

Matters Arising from AGM 2016

 No objections and were signed off as correct. 

Chairman’s Report: 

Welcome to another celebration AGM It has been a very successful year for Whittlesey Street Pride we have worked 610hrs this year collecting 310 bags of rubbish weighing 2518 kilos. We had a very good Summer Festival where we recruited 5 new members and received donations of £65.00. Some very positive decisions are being made for our 10th year celebration. Another decision made was not to collect any sponsorship for the 2016/7. We will be collecting sponsorship money for the 2017/8 after the AGM.  A big thank you to all our sponsors. Sadly our vice chairman Bernie and Rob our treasurer are standing down this year and are not standing for re-election for their posts. A big thank you to both of them for their efforts over the past year.  The last bi-monthly meeting again raised the antagonism towards the WSP Constitution; there is an opportunity to alter that later in the proceedings we will be looking to recruit tonight for a new vice-chairman and treasurer. Looking forward; it is our 10th year and as you know we have a celebration night at Childers this Saturday. The beet cutter installation and Bower bench project as part of our celebration are proceeding and should be completed by early July. A big thank you to all for your input and attendance at the litter picks and we are all looking forward to another successful year.

Treasurers Report.

The report was read out by the Secretary as Rob Kent was not attending.

End of year balance 2015 – 2016 brought forward £6351.26.For the year 2016 – 2017, as no sponsor money was collected; paid in £526.82 and £3396.68 being paid out. This left us with £3481.40 at the bank which will be carried into the 2017 – 2018 accounts.

Proposal to change the Constitution: 

The proposal was made by Alan Hobbs and seconded by David Palmer. A vote was taken by the members present with two proxy votes entered (Sandra & Martin Green) by Jackie & David Prebble. It was a majority vote, motion carried, there were three abstentions.

Updates on 10years projects: 

Bernard Gray – Esson gave a very in-depth analysis of the proceedings so far, dating back to the 23rd February 2016 to date. Throughout this time, different variations of projects and locations were discussed with planning, highways and FDC in general. The consensus of opinion being that a garden feature be made at the Grosvenor Corner site where we already have a flower barrel. The Beet Cutter would be the main feature. Bob Ollier has agreed in principle to Bernard Gray – Essons proposals and is now procuring official clarification in written form, as this is required by the sponsor Tesco to proceed with grant. It was also concluded that this project be low maintenance.


Min Mean: Who would be responsible for the grass cutting?

Bernard: FDC would continue to cut and be responsible.

Jackie Prebble: How much is this going to cost.

Alan Hobbs; it would cost including plants; painting, sandblasting etc. the cost would be in the region of £3,500. The first year will be covered by the Tesco Grant. No sponsor will be sought after, as the project will have a low maintenance base by using shrubs and roses.

Alan Hobbs: The bench has been shot blasted and painted and is now ready for assembly on the Bower.

Min Mean: has found some Coates people, who will  help maintain the plough by dead heading the flowers and pulling up the weeds. 

Rebecca Robinett: Thank you all for everything and was very proud that the year had been so successful.

Hand over to Rebecca Robinett as intermediary to close 2016 – 2017 and oversee election of new officers.

 Chairman Fred Mills

Proposed by Bernard Gray-Esson and Peter Davies.

Vice Chairman Alan Hobbs.

Proposed by Peter Davies and Jackie Prebble.

Treasurer Phil Knighton.

Proposed by Peter Davies and Fred Mills

Secretary Peter Davies.

Proposed by Alan Hobbs and David Palmer.

All were installed with a majority vote.

Publicity Manager: David & Margaret Palmer.

Litter Pick Dates: 

6th May    Sat.10am    Coates Green    Meet at the Plough site.

20th May   Sat.10am    Kings Dyke     Meet in layby.

3rd June     Sat.10am    Manor Field    Meet in the car Park.

                                              Also to plough the wild seed bed.

17th June     Sat.10am          Crossway Hands / Stonald Road junction.

21st June     Wed.7.30pm      Bi – Monthly meeting. The Town Hall, Market Street.


Rebecca Robinett asked did anybody want to join the strimmer course. Alan Hobbs, Peter Davies and David Palmer volunteered.

Rebecca Robinett: will send copies of the Risk Assessment forms to the Secretary.

Rob Boddington: why was Street pride not at the annual Duck Race, He thought it was a bad mistake as he and Roy Gerstner were there. He was informed that we were not asked to attend as we had been in recent years.

                                                Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

                                               Thank you Lisa for the buffet.




Responses to AGM 19th APRIL 2017

  1. jd says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Congratulations on having such a successful meeting last night. It sounds as if we are back to normal and hopefully can carry on our “mission” without any more upsets. It would be great too if we could perhaps persuade some of those people upset over the last year to come back? Well done and thanks for getting the minutes done so quickly.




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