Committee Meeting 23rd February 2017


 Whittlesey Streetpride Management Committee Meeting

                        Thursday 23rd February 2017 at

                       The Manor Leisure Centre, Whittlesey  

Present: Fred Mills, Peter Davies. Margaret Palmer, David Palmer, Alan Hobbs, Bernard Gray-Esson.

Matters Arising:

All objectives from the last meeting were attained.

Constitution & AGM:

The present Constitution that we have is not liked and that we should revert back to the previous as used successfully since 2007. It is the same Constitution as used by other Street Pride groups without any problems. It was suggested that we revert back to this constitution at the forthcoming AGM, it was proposed by Peter Davies and seconded by Alan Hobbs. All the membership will now be asked to vote on this and that there will be NO exclusions from voting.

Objections to the 10th Anniversary Celebration Event, the date and menu have been arranged and that it will proceed as planned.

The AGM will be as last year held at the Manor Leisure Centre and Ken Mayor will be told that Town Hall facilities will not be required on this occasion.


David Palmer asked that our grant for plants, bark and shrubs be around £500, which should cover our costs for all of our present requirements.

Tesco Grant:

Bernard Gray-Esson asked had all the relevant information required for this application been done. This included plans of the project, permission to site and all other relative paperwork that had to be obtained from Fenland Council to meet the May deadline for applications to be submitted. Thank you David Palmer for drawing the plans.

10th Anniversary Celebration Event:

Fred Mills has arranged this venue along with the menu for the buffet. Only the entertainment had to be finalised, it was decided to continue with this event and this was proposed by Alan Hobbs and seconded by David Palmer.

Bower Bench and Beet Cutter:

Bower Bench, this work was continuing and more information will be available in the near future.

The Beet Cutter was again work in progress and more information will be available at a later date.

The Plough:

The Plough at Coates is to be renovated, made slightly smaller and instead of a flowerbed, shrubs and grasses are to be planted. This will give a low cost maintenance base, as it is not a sponsored site.


Alan Hobbs,Fred Mills, Peter Davies. Margaret Palmer, David Palmer, Bernard Gray-Esson, proposed that a vote of thanks be given to Rob Kent who has decided to step down and resign from the position of Treasurer.

Meeting Closed at 8pm

Thank you to Margaret Palmer our hostess this evening for serving the refreshments.




2 Responses to Committee Meeting 23rd February 2017

  1. Martin Green says:

    Just a matter of information;
    My comments were not aimed at Bernie in particular although, if he thought that it does explain why he was so dismissive of me at the AGM.
    Just for the record. Sandra and I would have happily voted for Fred as Chairman, Rob as treasurer , Roy as Vice chair,and Peter as secretary but of course under the revised constitution we had no vote.

  2. David Palmer says:

    well done again Peter, very concise and to the point. I look forward to our next meeting, may it continue in the same agreeable vein!

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