A list of Sponsors & Projects

Westfield Nurseries sponsor the Station Road project


The Plough Coates  – 5th October 2017 – Thanks to Dobbies Garden Centre



Thanks Dobbies – this is fantastic.

Today we planted the Coates plough with plants and gravel supplied by Dobbies Garden Centre Peterborough, thank you to all that attended and a special thank you to Samantha Banister, Events & Community Champion, Dobbies Garden World ,Peterborough ,for arranging and delivering the plants and gravel and for all her hard work with the planting. Thanks also to David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Fred Mills, Alan Hobbs photographer and Peter Davies Transport.


Whittlesey Round Table Bench. Outside of the Queen Street Surgery on the A605 –  5th September 2017



Today, we installed the Whittlesey Round Table bench outside of the Queen Street Surgery which is located on the A605 by Whittlesey Street Pride.  Several Street Pride volunteers attended and dug out the foundations and then cemented the bench into the allocated position.  The donation from Round Table is part of their Christmas Carol Float collection, and shows that money collected is being spent back into the community. Street Pride will now maintain it throughout its period at this location. Thanks David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Andrew Overton, Dick Green. Transport Peter Davies, Photography David Palmer & Alan Hobbs.


Installation of the Lions Bench on the Millennium Wheel cycle way Whittlesey, 31st  August 2017


Today saw the installation crew out installing the Lions Bench on the Millennium cycle way, a big thank you to all that  assisted: Andrew Overton, Chris Nicholas, Alan Hobbs, Margaret Palmer, David Palmer and Fred Mills, transport Peter Davies, photography by Alan Hobbs below.



Our Chairman Fred Mills receiving a cheque for £980 from Councillor Eamonn Dorling after being successful in our application.



DSCN5213We have great pleasure in welcoming another new sponsor, Whittlesey and District Round Table 846. Every Christmas they collect money from around Whittlesey and outlying area’s with a carol float. It is excellent therefore to see some of that money being distributed and used in the local community. Today saw a brand new bench being placed at the junction of Windmill Street and Whitemore Street close to the pelican crossing.


           Vesuvio Italian Restaurant

558   VERSUVIO LAUNCH 24TH JULY 2014We have great pleasure in announcing a new sponsor for our Delph Boat.. Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant has kindly taken on this site. Thanks must also be given to our previous sponsor of four years, T&T Vehicle Sales. We all look forward to a long and lasting association.

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society


The Norwich & Peterborough Building Society have joined us, not only as sponsors, but have also deployed staff from their Whittlesey Branch to maintain the Rose Garden on Church Street. We would like to thank Peter and Georgie plus all of the staff   for participating and also running an Easter Egg draw in aid of Streetpride. Here we have Mrs Caprinani with her son, winner of the Egg.

Decker Bus Boat Station Road Re – Launched


The Whittlesea Wayfarer on Station Road, which was recently replaced with a newer boat, was today re – launched by our sponsor Anthea Head of Decker Buses. Anthea has been the sponsor of the boat since its inception and we thank her for her help and continued support throught the years.

Kellyvision supplies logistics for new boat


Kellyvision Broad Street Whittlesey have been most kind to Streetpride, by donating Hydroponic logistic equipment. This has been used in our new re-launch boat,the Whittlesea Wayfarer which stands on Station Road Whittlesey. We would therefore like to thank Kelley, Andy, Max, Lee and Tina for delivery and their help.

Decker Bus to re-sponsor the “Whittlesea Wayfarer “

ANTHEA DECKER BUS CHEQUE FEBRUARY 2013Anthea Head has very kindly agreed to re-sponsored the ” Whittlesea Wayfarer ” boat situated on Station Road. A very big thank you to Anthea, seen here presenting the cheque to Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies of Street Pride

The Nags Head Project

Window boxes at The Nags Head Eastrea.

Bernard Gray Esson proposed at one of our bi-monthly meetings a project in Eastrea to enhance the front of the Nags Head by painting planting and maintaining the window boxes.

Upon inspection it was decided that all the window boxes were beyond repair and new ones needed to be made and fitted, as the upper window boxes were a safety hazard and difficult to maintain it would be best to delete them

The project was agreed with the then new landlords and the sponsorship deal agreed

Late in August 2012 the 8×4 sheets of marine ply were obtained, cut it into the required sizes and delivered to Bob Clephane for assembly. The assembly work was completed by Bob towards the end of September, including painting and lining with plastic.

Alan Hobbs, Bob Clephane and Peter Davies installed the lower boxes on October the 5th2012.The upper boxes were removed the following Friday with the assistance of Bernard, Bob Peter and Alan. Bernard placed plants within the lower boxes on the 22nd of October,

The final coat of paint has been applied the signs have been fitted  that say INSTALLEDAND MAINTAINED BY WHITTLESEA STREETPRIDE, the sponsorship cheque has been collected and paid  into the bank.

Thank you to all those that helped.

Alan Hobbs Vice Chairman

Nisa Benches at Plough Road

We are very grateful to Mr Jamie Keshwara from our own ‘Whittlesey Nisa’ (Keshco) for his very generous ongoing commitment to  sponsor

Whittlesea Street Pride with another community enhancement  project.
This is Jamie’s 3rd project with Street  Pride.
At our Plough Garden on Plough Road, we have today installed 2 rustic  benches, made from recycled Railway Sleepers (Ex BR). Today we have decided  to call this area ‘Street Prides Jubilee  Garden’ Thank you again to Peter Thory for his logistical  support and man-power.
As the plaques state these benches are to celebrate  the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and is the start of our 2012 projects on all our  Gateways.

Plough Road Launch

 Our thanks to the 28 Friends of Whittlesea Street Pride, who helped us ‘officially launch’ the Plough Project @ Plough Road Whittlesey. This is Whittlesea Street Prides 9th community enhancement project, all our projects are fully maintained, supported and sponsored. It is our thanks to John and Val Whitwell who donated the plough, our Vice Chair Alan Hobbs and his father Dennis who renovated the plough. To Peter Davies, Bob Clephane, David and Margaret Palmer who supported the project through to today’s event and a special thanks needs to go to Peter Thory and his guys from Coates who have provided us with manpower and logistic support.  This is phase I of the project – phase II will come towards the end of May when we will plant up the Plough Garden in red, white and blue. Today we also welcome Richard Hickford from Cambridge and Peterborough Turf who is sponsoring this site. Also in attendance were Commander Ivan Palmer and Pauline Richards Superintendent of the St. John Ambulance Whittlesey. The St John Ambulance Whittlesey have very kindly agreed to help us maintain the site. They are also placing black and white roses the colours of St John Ambulance in the garden surrounding the plough. A big thank you to both parties. We have cleaned up this area of rubbish and small-scale fly tipping and we hope to carry on in maintaining this site. There maybe further enhancements in the near future.  Thank you again to everyone who came along and supported us today.


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