Gothic House – 10th June 2023 plus The Coates Fete in the afternoon

Sunday 18th June The Big Bash at the Manor Field Station Road – attend as and when you want. We will have a stand there.


Installation of The King Charles 111 bench 3rd June 2023

The Bench

Roy Gerstner, Richard Exton, Eamonn Dorling and Alan Hobbs.

Diane, Richard Exton, Andrew Overton, Eamonn Dorling and Michael digging the foundation for the bench.

This was a Council lead initiative by Cllr. Roy Gerstner who asked Whittlesey Street Pride to help out with the installation. We, that is Street Pride donated a bicycle rack to the project. Well done to all of those from Street Pride who attended. A big thanks to Diane for buttering all those rolls and frying all that bacon which were then consumed by the hungry workers.


The Butter Cross – 27th May 2023

A really great morning to have been out litter picking, 22 members attended with 33 bags of litter collected. This total amount included 6 bags collected by Michael and Diane but deposited elsewhere. I would also like to welcome Daniel, a new member who joined us this morning. All health & Safety rules being adhered too.

Saturday – 10th June -10am – Gothic House, Eastrea Road – opposite AB Transport. Plus the Coates Fete 10th June – this is an open invitation, please attend if you can from 2pm.


Lattersey Nature Reserve – 29th April 2023

Welcome to Stefan a new member this morning to our Whittlesey Street Pride litter pick. A really well attended meeting by 17 members and the contribution of bags of litter plus two flat screen televisions came to 22 bags. Thanks to Michael and Diane another 22 bags were picked down Long Drove, well done to all.

This litter pick is CANCELLED

Saturday 13th May -10am Crossway Hand / Stonald Road – meet at the cross roads


Saturday 15th April –  Station Road

Photography by Peter Davies

A really fantastic morning litter picking – the weather was really warm and the 20 members had a good time enjoying each others company. The amount of litter is never ceasing and today was no exception, as we collected 29 bags of litter – well done to all those that attended. A big welcome to a new member Rox from the Lincoln Co-op far left in the photograph plus of course a welcome to the Highland Terrier far right.

The next litter pick will be at the Lattersey Nature Reserve New Road . Meeting in the reserves car park at 10am .


Saturday  1st April –  The Ivy Leaf Club.

Photography by Peter Davies

This was a great morning for attendance, with 21 members attending. A really good location, collecting 39 bags of litter. An excellent morning indeed, especially as the winter winds and cold are still with us. I would also like to welcome some new members, Grace, Lynn and Violetta. I must not forget the birthday boy Michael, Happy Birthday to you. Again my thanks to you all, for taking part on such a cold day

Saturday 15th April 10am  Station Road – meet in the Station car park.


Saturday 18th March  –  Ramsey Road at the layby.

An extremely successful morning was had at the Ramsey Road litter pick this morning. Although a tad overcast 17 members attended and managed to collect 29 bags of litter plus the usual car parts. A good pick and a big thank you to all those members that attended and see you again at the Ivy Leaf litter pick in two weeks time.

The next meeting is Saturday  1st April  10am  The Ivy Leaf Club – meet in the Car Park.


Saturday 4th March  –   Coates South Green

Photography by Peter Davies

A new adventure to Coates Green this morning, apart from Fete day we have not picked here before. A good attendance of 11 members, considering the flurry of snow beforehand, we still managed to collect 14 bags of litter. Joining us this morning whilst collecting our collection of bags is our new council operative Alister ( in orange ) also Happy Birthday to Diane.

Saturday 18th March  10am  Ramsey Road – meet in the layby where we have a boat


Gothic House Eastrea – 18th February 2023

Photography by Peter Davies

Another great mornings litter pick, although it started to rain it did not last long. A good crowd of members ( 15 ) gathered and dispersed in all directions, collecting 29 bags of litter and the usual car parts.

Photography by Peter Davies

Thanks to the generous offer from Garry Munns owner of the Straw Bear Pub, we then adjourned to his establishment for fresh made vegetable soup in a very large bowl with a warm roll and butter. I do believe Michael really enjoyed it. Tea and coffee provided by PD. Again our thanks to Garry for this magnificent gesture.

Next meeting after this is on Saturday 4th March  10am   Coates South Green Meet behind the bus shelter A605 near to the convenience store.


Kings Delph litter pick – 4th February 2023

Today saw 16 members attend a litter pick at Kings Delph and did it need it. Fantastic work was carried out and produced 39 bags of litter plus the obligatory car parts. It was then tea time, supplied free of charge by Bev at the Truck Stop Café, a big thank you Bev for that generous gift.

The next litter pick is on 18th February at Gothic House, Eastrea Road opposite ABTRANSPORT first on the left at house and park.


Straw Bear Clean – up morning at the Buttercross – 15th January 2023

The weather was not kind to us this morning, as the wind chill did feel like we were in Siberia. A good crowd attended like 14 members and we still managed, although the FDC cleaners had been earlier, to collect 25 bags. We then retired to the George Hotel (Weatherspoons) for light refreshments.

Some kind person dumped this fridge at the kids playground in Station Road. It really is not funny to find that someone has done this, especially as you have the recycling depot in New Road.

Next litter pick is at Kings Delph – Saturday 4th February – meet in the layby at the Truck Stop Cafe


New Years Day litter pick on the Market Square – 1st January 2023

Another year gone and another yet to happen, but Street Pride is there. Fourteen members assembled and went on their way, returning with 27 bags of litter, plus eight others which were left elsewhere to be collected.

Afterwards we retired to the comfort of the George Hotel for coffee and a social . A most enjoyable time was had by all (Jackie Prebble) and now we look forward to another successful year ahead.

Sunday 15th January  10am  Straw Bear Day clean-up meet at the Butter Cross


Whittlesey Street Pride Christmas Dinner – 16th December 2022

The happy throng, cheers everybody

Some really enthusiastic bell ringers embarking on a new career !

A really fantastic evening was had by 23 members, this was our Christmas Dinner at the Falcon Hotel Whittlesey. Plenty of good food, drink and really good company. A most enjoyable dinner concluded by Sandra & Martin Green on accordions plus bells. Now that was a sight to behold, watching some members enjoying bell ringing, as directed by Sandra. A great big vote of thanks to the both of them, as they made Christmas arrive early, with everybody joining in with the carol singing.


The Whittlesey Extravaganza – 10th December 2022

Some, if not having done enough planting tree’s, also attended the extravaganza in the afternoon. Again it was very cold, but still a good attendance considering it was a Saturday afternoon when you should have been out Christmas shopping. Well done, I have tried to remember who was there, as it was a voluntary attendance. If I have left you out, please contact me and I will insert your name, sorry. Not many photographs taken at the event by us, so please excuse the lack of. Those there, were Jen Robertson, Liz Nichols, Rob Boddington, Eamonn Dorling, Alan Hobbs, Alan Lacy, Michael & Diana, Peter Davies.

Contrary to, I can / do litter pick (ED) Thank you Rob Boddington

Now that’s what I call a tall person. Thank you Liz Nichols


Queens Canopy of Tree’s planting – Yarwells Headland 10th December 2022.

Instructions being given on how to dig a hole.

Some tree planting and inspection of the work done

The tree planting crew, still smiling after a hard mornings work.

Today saw eight Whittlesey Street Pride members along with a couple of the public, planting 100 tree’s. Thanks to Eamonn Dorling the whole effort was a success. Well done to all those who attended ( Michael & Diana, Jackie Prebble, Alan Hobbs, Sandra & Martin Green, Liz Nichols and last but not least Rob Boddington. Although it was an extremely cold and frosty morning, all were in very high spirits and worked on through.

Sunday 1st January 2023  10am  Butter Cross – New Year’s Day litter pick


Saturday 26th November 2022 – Park Lane School

The above are the members who were able to get back in time.


The one below is of those who were a little late, but still had a smile after collecting more than expected.

This mornings litter pick generated more litter than expected, like 36 bags in total from the 21 members attending. A good haul indeed and don’t forget the bags of cans which were secreted into Eamonn Dorlings car, ready for crushing. An excellent mornings litter pick and all are to be commended for their sterling work – well done.

Saturday. 10th Dec  5pm until 7pmWhittlesey Christmas Extravaganza – as you please no set time for members


Funtams Lane Kings Dyke ( Mc Cains ) – 12th November 2022

Another brilliant litter pick here at Funtams Lane, assisted by thirteen members. Who really worked extremely hard and collected 31 bags of litter. Even the dog a Westie enjoyed the mild weather, which after a cold start turned into a really nice mornings pick.

 The next litter pick is on Saturday 26th Nov. – 10am – Park Lane School – meet in Love Lane to the left of school.


Kings Delph Plough – Lest we Forget – November 1st 2022

The plough at Kings Delph has been bedecked with poppies in honour of the fallen. I owe thanks for these wonderful crochet creations to Lisa Hobbs, who did these whilst watching her favourite television programmes – well done and a great big thank you for all of your hard work.


Crossway Hands / Stonald Road litter – Saturday 29th October 2022

Wet and windy but thirteen intrepid members weathered the “storm” collecting 19 bags of litter. Not all members stayed for the photograph and also 9 bags were left in the layby on the A605 and were too heavy to carry back.

The next litter pick is on the 12th November , 10am at Funtams Lane Kings Dyke ( Mc Cains ) – meet in the top car park


The Plough Road has been re-planted – 19th October 2022

Today saw the Plough Road Garden being re – planted for the winter. Although winter is slowly approaching with all those cold days ahead, this becomes with all its colour and oasis of sunshine to brighten up the day to passers by


Manor Field Saturday 15th October  2022.

Although windy, it was indeed dry after a rainy start to the day ( very early this morning crack of dawn ) 18 members participated. We had a really good litter pick collecting 30 bags of litter in total. We were also joined by P.C. Gary Stabler this morning, it was really nice to see him taking an interest in the group and we hope to see him again in attendance in the near future.

The next meeting is on Saturday 29th October 10am Crossway Hand / Stonald Road – meet at the cross roads


Ramsey Road Litter Pick – 1st October 2022

A really brisk and exhilarating morning out there in the country. The 14 members still managed to collect 17 bags of litter , well done. Unfortunately, two members were unable to be in the photograph as they were “carried away” with their litter pick, hence the second photograph, well done Michael and Diana. Please note that all the bags were picked up early, some members also had to leave early due to having Covid injections etc.

Michael and Diana , happy litter pickers who arrived back late with their heavy load.

The next litter pick will be on, Saturday 15th October  10am Manor Field – meet in the car park pool end – see you there


Gothic House Eastrea Road litter pick – 17th September 2022

Another brilliant turnout of members at Gothic House. A sunny day but not so good in the shade, mighty cold but we still managed to collect 18 bags of litter plus two bags of cans for recycling. Thank you, to the 17 members who attended, a very cheery bunch of people indeed.

The next litter pick is on the 1st October 2022 at our Ramsey Road Gateway site. Meet at 10am in the layby where our boat is – see you there


Buttercross Whittlesey litterpick – 3rd September 2022

Another successful morning, we were joined by 22 members at this “shoe-in ” location, as Drybread Road had been compromised. A really nice day enjoyed by all, collecting 19 bags of litter and all in excellent humour.

The next litter pick will be at Gothic House Eastrea Road – meet 10am in the lane opposite Abel Transport.


Station Road – Station car park – 20th August 2022

Photograph by Alan Hobbs

Another fantastic litter pick at the Station and district this morning, a really good turnout and a great collection of rubbish. In total 25 bags were collected by 22 volunteers. The weather was good to us and we basked in brilliant sunshine, which made everybody feel very happy and good about the day . Thank you for attending and see you next time, have a brilliant weekend and stay safe.

Saturday  3rd September 10am The Buttercross, Market Square, Whittlesey


St Johns Coffee Morning Donation – 17th August 2022

Photograph care of Philip Cumberland

St Johns Coffee Morning has decided that after 30 years to close, always there for its members, even incapacitated one’s were catered for by sending a bus to collect them. On arrival they were welcomed with coffee and an array of stalls selling cakes, preserves and other welcome articles for sale. Then followed by bingo and a drive back home afterwards. Covid unfortunately changed this happy arrangement, on their return they found that numbers were down. To those who have passed ( Iris Holding ) and to those who are still with us, you do have those happy memories – days of future passed. The bank account was closed and all monies divided between good causes, one being Whittlesey Street Pride, who received a cheque for £150. Peter Davies has sent a letter of thanks ( July 21st ) to Annie and Dick Denton.


The Ivy Leaf litter pick – 6th August 2022.

Another great litter pick from the centre of town using the Ivy-leaf as a base. Much rubbish collected, like 28 bags plus an inflatable paddling pool ( now deflated ) Michael and Diana did a bit of clearing of the paths / roadside alongside the Ivy leaf and managed another 10 bags of street growth. Well done to those 17 members who attended. Gill, yes you did get into the side of the photograph taken ! A good morning to be proud of, in fact a couple of people stopped to say just that – well done Street Pride and keep up the good work.

Next litter pick is on Saturday 20th August – 10am – location Station Road – meet in the Station car park


The Lattersey Nature Reserve litter pick – 23rd July 2022

Today 17 members attended the Lattersey Nature Reserve litter pick. Also another new member, namely PC Stabler of the March Police, who joined us for this litter pick. It is hoped that he will be at many more. A very big welcome to Whittlesey Street Pride. A great morning for the rubbish and in total 22 bags were collected along with an amazing amount of large road debris.

All looking sunny and happy at today’s litter pick

Our newest recruit PC Stabler of the March Police, who joined us today

The next litter pick will be on Saturday 6th August  10am at the Ivy Leaf Club – meet in the Car Park


The Big Summer Party – 16th July 2022

Our Summer Party was held today by kind permission of Alan & Lisa Hobbs at their house ( Rose Cottage ) Paradise Lane. This year we invited In Bloom to be part of the celebrations. There was something in the road name, as it was indeed like paradise. The flowers and manicured gardens really were a wonderful setting for such an event. The wine, beer flowed and the abundance of food made it the party to be at, thanks to all that attended.

Alan Hobbs photography


Kings Delph – litter pick 9th July 2022

An excellent morning at Kings Delph this morning. Many members (16) attended including three new people, a big welcome to Dave Ettridge, Brogan Lawes and Tyler Price and I hope that it will be a long association with Whittlesey Street Pride. The bags of rubbish amounted to 16 and included the usual street garbage including some bottles of “tizer” which were disposed of.

This morning also saw the conclusion of the installation of the new plough project at Kings Delph, although finished some weeks ago it needed that finishing touch like flowers. I must say it really does look wonderful with a mass of flowers giving colour, thanks to David and Margaret Palmer, plus Dick and Gill Green, a really big thank you for all of your combined hard work especially during these very hot days that we have at the moment.

The next litter pick is on the 23rd July 2022 meeting at the Lattersey Nature Reserve car park at 10am


The Big Bash 2 – 26th June 2022.

The Big Bash , another fantastic day had by the estimated 3000 plus attending. The weather was brilliant with the sun being really hot out there on the field. The people started streaming onto the Manor Field before 11am. We in Street Pride had a stall – plus we held a raffle for a chocolate cake, kindly donated by Tesco Serpentine. I would also like to say a big thank you to all those that attended and litter picked, even one member although showing in the Classic Car division still found time to litter pick for us, well done to you all.

The Chairman in attendance with just a few bags of litter that were picked, nearly 20 bags were collected during the day by members that attended.

The winning ticket was drawn by a Baptist Church member and was such a surprise to the winner, that she was still crying even when accepting the prize. The winner Diana Green, said that she was so emotionally overcome, especially with loss of her husband earlier this year still fresh in her mind. **************************************************************

Kings Delph Boat replacement – 22nd June 2022

The job done and the replacement into position after much heavy lifting and moments of worry as to whether the joints would fit. Work started at 8am when the vehicles were loaded with all our requirement’s and then the short drive to Kings Delph Truck Stop layby. The construction then commenced and took some five hours on a day that must have been in the 80’s out there in the open. A break was required, then the removal of the old boat soon done with the aid of a chain saw, a cleaning operative from FDC was on hand and soon removed. Thank you to Philip Green, Dick Green, David Palmer, Chris Nicholas, Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies. The Truck Stop Café supplied after all was done, much needed cold bottles of water. A job well done and something to be proud of.


Mowing the Gateway Projects

This is what happens when you get up at cock crow or before dawn – in other words before 6am. The heat is not there and we were able to work at both sites and mow the grass, still hard work although, had it had been done later on in the morning it would not have been possible because of the rise in temperature. My thanks to Alan Hobbs, Lisa Hobbs and Peter Davies for a job well done under the circumstances.

Coates Plough – Before and after

Ramsey Road – Before and after


Gothic House Peterborough Road Eastrea – 21st May 2022

This morning saw sixteen members arrive and go away happy. A very sunny morning indeed which made it all more pleasurable. Plenty of rubbish to collect and as a result 25 bags were collected along with a pair of ladies wellington boots.

The next litter pick will be on the 4th June at Kings Delph Truck Stop layby – see you there at 10am This meeting was CANCELLED but Michael and Diana did attend and collected 4 bags plus other road debris.


Mortons Leam – Thorney B1040 litter pick – 6th May 2022

Phototograph supplied by Haq Nawaz

A really great morning to go litter picking and there was plenty to be found. Seventeen members attended giving it a very convivial atmosphere which lead to a most enjoyable meeting and morning. As they used to say in the hippy sixties ” piece, love and harmony ” and long may it last and perhaps that is why we are so successful at doing the job. The rubbish, as always was still there and we collected 24 bags of rubbish plus the obligatory road items and fridge parts. Thanks to all who attended and made this such a happy event, see you at Gothic House on the 21st May at 10am.

21st May – Gothic House opposite Abel’s Haulage Coates Road – we will meet in the drove opposite. Also added as an extra Coates Fete 1.30pm until 5pm – where we have been invited to litter pick – this is a FREE choice.


Stonald Road meet at junction of Crosswayhand23rd April 2022

That was a fantastic morning, when 19 members attended this litter pick, I would also like to welcome our youngest member Florence who is about 8 years ( I think ) really good to see so many young people now attending plus of course Diane our latest recruit. It is a pity that cannot be said of the rubbish that we still keep finding in abundance, today was no different, collecting 35 bags in all plus the usual small dumped items such as chairs, balls, cones etc.

Don’t forget our next litter which will be at Mortons Leame, that is pass the showground, over the little bridge, we will be in the little car park on your right.

Next litter pick Saturday 7th May Thorney Road B1040 – meet in the Morton Leame car park to the right over bridge.


Lattersey Nature Reserve Litter pick – 9th April 2022

A really great morning weather wise and a wonderful turnout of volunteers, 21 in total. Rubbish galore which ended up with us picking 36 bags along with many other road debris. Although communicating via email and personally, the rubbish was still there on Sunday afternoon. My thanks to Michael, Ken and Rob who informed me, they were all concerned as to people or animals disturbing the bags thus rendering our litter pick futile. Once again thanks to all those attending , plus we had two new member namely Joel and Diane , welcome to you both and see you next time at Stonald Road

The next meeting will be on Saturday 23rd April. 10am  Stonald Road meet at junction of Crosswayhand


Saturday 26th March. Ramsey Road litter pick

The crew after a good mornings litter pick now enjoying the sun – happy is an understatement

The Whittlesey bike brigade, returning after a successful litter pick at Cambers Drove

This morning it was a glorious, sunny day, with seventeen members attending. Far and wide the rubbish came in, to be exact 32 bags and other foreign objects were collected. Well done to all those that attended and we look forward to seeing you at our next litter pick listed below.

The next litter pick is at the Lattersey Nature Reserve 9th April @ 10am meet in the car park


Station Road Litter pick – 12th March 2022

Every picture tells a story – this one shows one happy bunch of volunteers of Street Pride
Eammon Dorling, always the first to appear and the last to return, thanks Eammon

A really great morning at the Station and Station Road litter picking, with 17 volunteers attending plus good sunny weather which added to the good turnout. The after effect was 30 bags of rubbish and sundry road items collected. A good event with plenty of good humour. See you all again at our Ramsey Road event, which is listed below.

Saturday 26th March.10amRamsey Road – meet in the layby next to WASP boat.


Funtams Lane ( McCains ) litter pick – 26th February 2022

Today at McCains we found a disgraceful load of rubbish, 33 bags to exact, If we had been there longer, we could have picked at least double that amount and more. Twenty members attended and what a glorious day we had which helped immensely. I again thank all those that attended and I hope to see you at the next litter pick.

Smiley faces after a good mornings litter picking.
All those contented members from a different angle, some had to go home so are not represented.
Just in case you have not been able to purchase any PPE, then perhaps this is why, as you can see in this picture boxes of it are strewn amongst the hedgerows

Next litter pick 12th March at Station Road – meet it the station car park


Drybread Road litter pick – 12th February 2022

Yes, we had another great litter pick this morning with 24 members attending who in turn picked 36 bags of rubbish along with a lot of miscellaneous cans, tyres etc. Yes, it was a cold morning but we all seemed to survive the pick. It must be mentioned that Eamonn Dorling managed to build a very high hay stack, which he had scythed out of the dykes. Thanks once again to all those that attended and well done, your efforts will not go un-noticed by the public.
Eamonn busy at building that hay stack

Next litter pick will be on the 26th February 2022 Funthams Lane (McCains) meet at the top car park


Gothic House litter pick – 29th January 2022

Another fantastic morning, the weather was kind to us and as a result 21 members picked a total of 34 bags of rubbish plus the obligatory signs and other road junk. I would like to welcome two new comers to the throng, Philip Cumberland and Stuart Greenwood. A hearty welcome to you both and I am sure that you will find us a grand bunch of people to be with.
Our next meet is at Drybread Road at the top end in the layby next to the football ground on the 12th February 2022. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Market Square – Butter – cross Litter Pick – 15th January 2022

Although a change of date due to the Straw Bear Festival being cancelled , the turn out of volunteers was excellent. Altogether 17 members arrived and still managed to collect 18 bags of rubbish. It was decided to bring the day forward from the Sunday, thus giving the general public a glimpse of Street Pride in action, as some people think ( Wombles ) that we only come out at night. My apologies for the lateness of this web site being updated, but I was suddenly somewhat preoccupied elsewhere. Photograph care of Alan Hobbs

The next litter pick is on the 29th January at Gothic House opposite Abel Transport on the Eastrea Road – meeting at 10am in the drove beside the thatched house.


New Years Day Litter Pick – 1st January 2022

Another fantastic New Years Day litter pick, we managed to find 20 bags and I would like to thank the 15 members attending. It is always good to be out on NYM every year, getting those “cobwebs” of you after a good Christmas. We must all hope that the coming year is better than the last, but from the figures being released for Whittlesey, we have gained 94 more cases of covid over the Christmas period, not good.
Stay safe and take care, as it seems that its not over yet.  The next litter pick is on SATURDAY 15th January 2022 . It is again back on the Market Square 10am  This is a change to the advertised day as the Straw Bear weekend has been CANCELLED.


The Ivy Leaf Car Park – 4th December 2021

This morning saw 24 people / members attend our meeting including 6 new attendee’s. I would like to say welcome to those new comers. A really brilliant morning not only weather wise but the fact so many new comers attended. At the end, 45 bags of rubbish were collect along with other large pieces of debris from cars. The next meeting will be on the 11th December – this being the Whittlesey Extravaganza, all members can join this meeting as and when they are available as it runs from 3pm until 7.30pm. Attend as you please, wearing your normal Street Pride gear, this shows the public that we are in attendance.


The Manor Field litter pick, double venue day – 20th November 2021

The Manor Field, as ever throws out that challenge even to the most ardent litter picker, today was no exception. As we were on a double venue day, we only had 13 members, as the others were busy at the Rose Garden in Church Street, reported below. A very brisk day but still plenty of cheer from the members who gallantly moved around the field. In the end they collected 21 bags of assorted rubbish. The bags were resorted for aluminum cans by Eamonn Dorling who has amassed so far an astounding amount for the Heli-pad fund which is located in the Ivy Leaf car park. Well done to all those who attended and see you next time at the Ivy Leaf car park on the 4th December, start time as per usual 10am.


The Rose Garden maintenance – this was a double venue day – 20th November 2021

This was a before and after the cutting crew of eight had really got to those pesky Pyracanths and the conifer tree plus a real assortment of weeds. They took two hours to clear, thanks to Alan Hobbs mini chain saw which Dick thought was fantastic and would have loved to have taken it home with him. They all really worked extremely hard this morning and in the end managed to fill 39 bags, that is some weeding and pruning. Again thanks must go to those in the photograph below who really excelled. Photograph courtesy of David Palmer

This is a photograph of the finished product, a marvelous achievement by these eight volunteer’s of Street Pride. They have to be congratulated on this outcome. Photograph courtesy of Alan Hobbs

Here are the cutting crew, smiling after that really wonderful clear – out of the Rose Garden. Photograph courtesy of Peter Davies


Crossway Hand / Stonald Road junction 6th November 2021

Another great morning at Crossway Hand, at the junction of Stonald Road, where 18 volunteers gathered for our usual litter pick. We were not disappointed and managed to collect 20 bags plus assorted other debris. Well done to those attending and we look forward to seeing you at our next litter pick at the Manor Leisure Centre on the 20th November, we will gather in the car park at the pool end, see you there.


Aylesbury Litter pick 23rd October 2021

We thought we had it bad around here, it makes the Manor look clean !

Solo litter picker David who yesterday went for a bike ride and found an area near Bishopstone that needed some urgent attention…..so today went back and cleared the area

Over 4000 silver Nitrous oxide canisters! And a load of the large creamers too! 5 bags collected!


Kings Delph Litter pick – 23rd October 2021

This site always amazes me, as the rubbish never ceases. Always a guaranteed place to find such an enormous amount of debris that is found by our intrepid team. Sixteen volunteers were on site and collected 26 bags of assorted rubbish along with other vehicle pieces plus a very nice bicycle. Then a mystery happened, we left the bike on the pile, only to return some time later to find it gone , yes you did read that correctly, our “rubbish” had been stolen !


Manor Leisure Field – 9th October 2021

The Manor was as usual a challenge, but our intrepid team soldiered on and collected 17 bags of rubbish and an assortment of bric-brac. Well done to those fifteen members that attended including two new attendee’s that joined us for the first time, I would like to welcome Ian & Julie to the group. Our next meeting will be at Kings Delph, meeting at the Truck Stop Café at 10am on the 23rd October


Lattersey Nature Reserve 25th September 2021

At the end we are here, but unfortunately some have had to leave early hence only four of the nine members who attended. Nine bags plus an array of other debris were collected. Thanks to all of those that attended

Michael and Margaret were a little too much engrossed in the litter picking activities and forgot the time, this is why they have their own picture.


The Big Bash – 12th September 2021

The Big Bash was a really well attended day, in all seventeen members attended. We also had a marquee in which a we had a donations table, included was the chance of winning a really wonderful huge chocolate cake. The total donations at the end of the day came to £60
The lucky winners of the chocolate cake who to say the least were totally overjoyed. We have to thank Tesco Hamptons for donating this prize, thank you

Early in the morning at 7.30am / 8.30am Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies respectively attended the Manor to help set up the field. Signs, marquee’s had to be erected, bins to be strategically placed all over the fields and everything else that might be needed. Then throughout the day, attended to the smooth running of proceedings. At the end of the festivities, the reverse had to happen, dismantling everything that was necessary and clearing the site. As a result of Alan and Peters hard work throughout the day, Whittlesey Street Pride received a donation of £200.

Todays donations total – £260


The Coates Fete – 11th September 2021

The Coates Fete was well attended by our members, eleven in total who collected seven bags of assorted rubbish. Some of the litter pickers enjoying a joke.
Martin enjoying the day, thanks Martin & Sandra


Robert Boddington – Citizen of the Year 2021

Well done Rob on attaining the Citizen Of The Year Award along with Josh Thomson who was the Young Citizen of The Year, both deserve every applaud for attaining these awards.
Some of our Street Pride members join in the celebration, acknowledging Robs dedication to the Town of Whittlesey


28th August 2021 – Gothic House Litter Pick

The litter pick this morning was a great success with nineteen members attending. Many small items such as house sale signs, bric-a-brac were collected from the hedgerows along with 21 bags of assorted rubbish, Eamonn Dorling again exceeded the norm by collecting nigh on a bag of empty cans alone, which he will now crush and place in the Helipad container which is located in the Ivy Leaf car park. Again my thanks to all who attended.


Benches officially opened at the Manor Leisure Complex – 14th August 2021

Today was the official opening of the Street Pride benches, these have been sponsored by The Glassmoor Wind Farm, Whittlesey Town Council and are to be maintained by Whittlesey Street Pride. All monies were raised by Councilor Roy Gerstner and project managed by Whittlesey Street Pride Vice Chairman Alan Hobbs. Groundworks were done by Phil Brannigan Groundworks. The official opening was performed by Roy Gerstner, Ray Whitwell and Julie Windle accompanied by members of Street Pride, a well worth project completed on time and to budget, Well done to all that made this possible


14th August 2021 – Ivy Leaf car park and vicinity

Another litter pick at the Ivy Leaf car park and vicinity, although we should have been at the Kings Delph lay-by, this was cancelled due to logistical reasons. A good turn out of ten people who still managed to collect 21 bags of rubbish and assorted car debris. Well done to those that were able to attend. Eamonn Dorling increased his tally of crushed cans to 800 plus which were deposited into the Heleipad collection bin, well done Eamonn.


31st July – Ivy Leaf Car Park – 2021

Today saw our first litter pick since March 2020, it was attended by 21 members and they managed to collect in total 36 bags of rubbish plus the front skirt off a lorry with number plate still attached. The Helipad can bank was also filled by Eamonn Dorling who had quite a bag full . The weather was also good for us and added to the days fun. Well done to all and I look forward to seeing you at our next litter pick at the Truck Stop layby at Kings Delph on the 14th August 2021. Again my thanks to everybody.


Martin & Sandra go tunnelling, not mountaineering.


Caesar Smith 1930 – 2021 R.I.P


Ramsey Road grass cutting – 13th July 2021

Before and after cutting

After it was cut

Early Tuesday morning like 6.30am the lawn mowers were out cutting the grass at the Ramsey Road site. It is still not being cut by Highways although many requests have been made either by myself or through our co-ordinator, this is and has been over four years. Prior to this, they the the highways used to mow the grass verges from Ramsey Road heading in a westerly direction towards Pondersbridge. They then proceeded over the railway upto the lay-bye on the left, they then crossed the road heading down the road in an easterly direction cutting the verges and also the lay – bye where our boat is located. Now they only cut the grass on the Ramsey Road upto the railway , they then turn around and disappear into a side road.


The Re- planting of our Gateway Projects – 18th June 2021

Plough Road with Gill & Dick Green and Margaret Palmer
The Delph Boat
Mill Road Barrels
Westfields Station Road
Kings Delph Boat
Ramsey Road Boat

The Gateway Projects have all now been completed, re-planted with flowers ready for another season of colour. This was only complete as a result of the sterling work by David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Gill Green, Dick Green plus Peter Davies (Ramsey Road)


The Plough at Plough Road re-painted – 8th June 2021

A great day to re-paint the plough at Plough Road, bright sun and good for more or less instant drying. We all chose a colour and hey presto the plough looks great again. David Palmer on blue, Alan Hobbs on brown/white followed by Peter Davies on red. Thank you team for such a great job well done.


Knowley Park children’s play area 6th June 2021

You build a new children’s play park and then the people around there allegedly lever open a couple of fence panels and uses it as a dumping ground


Ramsey Road Grass Cutting – 5th June 2021

Ramsey Road grass cutting, early one morning, 6.30am to be precise. All that rain had made it grow as if it was on steroids, but after some time a good job was done. Thanks to Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies


The Delph Boat gets new earth plus installation of two new planters – 2nd June 2021

Some happy faces after all the work had been accomplished. It was done but not without incident as the the supplied earth was not of the quality expected, also the hoops from the old barrels were left behind. A big thanks to Dick, and Tom Green ( who was suppose to be on holiday) Chris Nicholas, David Palmer, Peter Davies The ring master was Alan Hobbs who ordered, painted and arranged the whole happening.


Ramsey Road Lay-by gets an early morning grass cut – 29th May 2021

The Ramsey Road lay-by had an early morning grass cut. When I say early, I mean at 7am in the morning. Having waited so, so long for Highways to do the job, it was decided that we would do it ourselves, A great job done, thanks to Alan Hobbs and assisted by Peter Davies.


Ayshea Sanders 11th July 1974 – 11th April 2021

Ayshea had been a member for many years and was dedicated to helping others. Apart from being a member of Whittlesey Street Pride, she also did a huge amount of work for the Doris Banham Dog Rescue. Not only helping at the rescue but also raising funds by for instance jumping out of a plane and sky diving back to ground. This was just one of the countless achievements raising money for good causes. She will be sadly missed for her wonderful personality and sense of humour. Rest in piece.


Rob Boddington is finding the same problem

Rob Boddington has and is finding the same problems constantly along the Benwick Road. The people still do not understand do they .


Sandra & Martin are still out there

Still litter picking after all this lock down. Martin and Sandra are still out there litter picking and keeping Station Road clean, the general public unfortunately did not take a break from dropping litter hence his full bag.


Fenland Youth Radio – Pride in Whittlesey Awards 18th April 2021

Congratulations to all members, Fenland Youth Radio had a ” Pride of Whittlesey ” Awards on Sunday evening. The judgement was based on public participation, we WON the Environmental Award. 
We are now proud possessors of a certificate and a glass trophy, pictures below. It was a hard job trying to get a good picture due to the silver engraving disappearing in the light, but I did try !


Frankie’s D of E – Helipads for Hospitals

The Big Red Bin for can recycling has finally been delivered! It is in the Ivy Leaf car park in Whittlesey (next to the other recycling bins). The final art work is being added to the bin today and as of 3pm this afternoon (17th April) it is ready to use.All aluminium can be placed into the bin – it even has a can crusher on the front to crush your cans. Please continue to recycle and support Helipads For Hospitals


You thought you had it bad here !

Merthyr Tydfil Council received many complaints about the rubbish strewn A470 into the town. It was decided to send a team out for a day to remedy the complaint. When they had finished a total of 1480 bags of rubbish and assorted debris had been collected.

See you all again soon covid laws permitting – until then keep safe and abide by the rules

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