Caesar Smith 1930 – 2021 R.I.P


Ramsey Road grass cutting – 13th July 2021

Before and after cutting

After it was cut

Early Tuesday morning like 6.30am the lawn mowers were out cutting the grass at the Ramsey Road site. It is still not being cut by Highways although many requests have been made either by myself or through our co-ordinator, this is and has been over four years. Prior to this, they the the highways used to mow the grass verges from Ramsey Road heading in a westerly direction towards Pondersbridge. They then proceeded over the railway upto the lay-bye on the left, they then crossed the road heading down the road in an easterly direction cutting the verges and also the lay – bye where our boat is located. Now they only cut the grass on the Ramsey Road upto the railway , they then turn around and disappear into a side road.


The Re- planting of our Gateway Projects – 18th June 2021

Plough Road with Gill & Dick Green and Margaret Palmer
The Delph Boat
Mill Road Barrels
Westfields Station Road
Kings Delph Boat
Ramsey Road Boat

The Gateway Projects have all now been completed, re-planted with flowers ready for another season of colour. This was only complete as a result of the sterling work by David Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Gill Green, Dick Green plus Peter Davies (Ramsey Road)


The Plough at Plough Road re-painted – 8th June 2021

A great day to re-paint the plough at Plough Road, bright sun and good for more or less instant drying. We all chose a colour and hey presto the plough looks great again. David Palmer on blue, Alan Hobbs on brown/white followed by Peter Davies on red. Thank you team for such a great job well done.


Knowley Park children’s play area 6th June 2021

You build a new children’s play park and then the people around there allegedly lever open a couple of fence panels and uses it as a dumping ground


Ramsey Road Grass Cutting – 5th June 2021

Ramsey Road grass cutting, early one morning, 6.30am to be precise. All that rain had made it grow as if it was on steroids, but after some time a good job was done. Thanks to Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies


The Delph Boat gets new earth plus installation of two new planters – 2nd June 2021

Some happy faces after all the work had been accomplished. It was done but not without incident as the the supplied earth was not of the quality expected, also the hoops from the old barrels were left behind. A big thanks to Dick, and Tom Green ( who was suppose to be on holiday) Chris Nicholas, David Palmer, Peter Davies The ring master was Alan Hobbs who ordered, painted and arranged the whole happening.


Ramsey Road Lay-by gets an early morning grass cut – 29th May 2021

The Ramsey Road lay-by had an early morning grass cut. When I say early, I mean at 7am in the morning. Having waited so, so long for Highways to do the job, it was decided that we would do it ourselves, A great job done, thanks to Alan Hobbs and assisted by Peter Davies.


Ayshea Sanders 11th July 1974 – 11th April 2021

Ayshea had been a member for many years and was dedicated to helping others. Apart from being a member of Whittlesey Street Pride, she also did a huge amount of work for the Doris Banham Dog Rescue. Not only helping at the rescue but also raising funds by for instance jumping out of a plane and sky diving back to ground. This was just one of the countless achievements raising money for good causes. She will be sadly missed for her wonderful personality and sense of humour. Rest in piece.


Rob Boddington is finding the same problem

Rob Boddington has and is finding the same problems constantly along the Benwick Road. The people still do not understand do they .


Sandra & Martin are still out there

Still litter picking after all this lock down. Martin and Sandra are still out there litter picking and keeping Station Road clean, the general public unfortunately did not take a break from dropping litter hence his full bag.


Fenland Youth Radio – Pride in Whittlesey Awards 18th April 2021

Congratulations to all members, Fenland Youth Radio had a ” Pride of Whittlesey ” Awards on Sunday evening. The judgement was based on public participation, we WON the Environmental Award. 
We are now proud possessors of a certificate and a glass trophy, pictures below. It was a hard job trying to get a good picture due to the silver engraving disappearing in the light, but I did try !


Frankie’s D of E – Helipads for Hospitals

The Big Red Bin for can recycling has finally been delivered! It is in the Ivy Leaf car park in Whittlesey (next to the other recycling bins). The final art work is being added to the bin today and as of 3pm this afternoon (17th April) it is ready to use.All aluminium can be placed into the bin – it even has a can crusher on the front to crush your cans. Please continue to recycle and support Helipads For Hospitals


You thought you had it bad here !

Merthyr Tydfil Council received many complaints about the rubbish strewn A470 into the town. It was decided to send a team out for a day to remedy the complaint. When they had finished a total of 1480 bags of rubbish and assorted debris had been collected.

See you all again soon covid laws permitting – until then keep safe and abide by the rules

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