Fenland Youth Radio – Pride in Whittlesey Awards 18th April 2021

Congratulations to all members, Fenland Youth Radio had a ” Pride of Whittlesey ” Awards on Sunday evening. The judgement was based on public participation, we WON the Environmental Award. 
We are now proud possessors of a certificate and a glass trophy, pictures below. It was a hard job trying to get a good picture due to the silver engraving disappearing in the light, but I did try !


Frankie’s D of E – Helipads for Hospitals

The Big Red Bin for can recycling has finally been delivered! It is in the Ivy Leaf car park in Whittlesey (next to the other recycling bins). The final art work is being added to the bin today and as of 3pm this afternoon (17th April) it is ready to use.All aluminium can be placed into the bin – it even has a can crusher on the front to crush your cans. Please continue to recycle and support Helipads For Hospitals


You thought you had it bad here !

Merthyr Tydfil Council received many complaints about the rubbish strewn A470 into the town. It was decided to send a team out for a day to remedy the complaint. When they had finished a total of 1480 bags of rubbish and assorted debris had been collected.

See you all again soon covid laws permitting – until then keep safe and abide by the rules



A Happy New Year to all our members, past and present. It has not been a good year for anything really, but all we can do is hope and that we will all be together again keeping the highways and byways of out town clean. A big thank you, to you all, keep safe and take care as tomorrow will be a better day / year hopefully. Until the next time which you will have plenty of notice via email or letter, have a peaceful rest, charge the batteries up, as I am sure that the litter problem will not have gone away


Kings Delph Boat replanting 2nd November 2020

Another gateway project re-planted. Today we saw four volunteers weed and clear the ” Here Comes Harris ” boat at Kings Delph. It is now fully loaded with wallflowers, which will enhance the journey into Whittlesey. Many thanks to Dave Palmer, Phil Knighton , Alan Hobbs and Peter Davies for their help.


The New Plough at Plough Road 20th October 2020

The Plough Garden, Plough Road had seen better days and the rotten wood surrounds made it look a sorry state, see photograph above. After a successful bid for funds from Whittlesey Town Council, we were granted sufficient money to renovate with Eco Friendly recycled plastic surrounds. After much backbreaking work surplus earth was removed, the new surround built and secured around the area. It took in total 5 Whittlesey Street Pride volunteers 6 hours to transform it into that which is seen today. Everything was performed under strict Covid 19 conditions, hence that there were only five people. A big thank you to Whittlesey Town Council, David Palmer, Dick Green, Chris Nicholas, Peter Davies and site manager Alan Hobbs.


Keep Britain Tidy Litter Pick 19th September 2020


Good morning to you all, yesterday saw many “solo” litter pickers from Whittlesey Street Pride out collecting litter, as part of Keep Britain Tidy. I am glad to say that between them were able to collect 14 bags of assorted rubbish from The Bower, Eastrea, Wype Road, Station Road and other places. My thanks to those people for collecting and being so generous with their time.


A mystery – can you solve it for me – 14th August 2020

A mystery indeed, I visit our boat at the entrance to Whittlesey on Ramsey Road watering and weeding as necessary. Today the surrounds of the boating area plus the the seating area has been scythed. Having telephoned the usual suspects who all said no to having done this really magnificent act of cleaning up the area so it is visible to passing motorists. Can anybody solve this mystery as to who I have to thank.  Please email .


Summer Party Update 

After taking into consideration social distancing and covid 19 directives. The conclusion was, it would be very difficult to hold it this year.

A decision therefore has been made not to have a Whittlesey Street Pride Summer Party.

I know that everybody really looks forward to this excellent event, held by kind permission of Lisa & Alan at Rose Cottage.

It was indeed a difficult decision but a wise decision under the circumstances.

                         SUMMER PARTY CANCELLED


Cambridge Cycling Club 24th June 2020

Today the Cambridge Cycling Club stopped off at the Ramsey Road Gateway Project and used the facilities provided. They were very pleased with the picnic bench and especially the bicycle racks which kept the bicycles upright rather than having them on the grass. They had also used this site twice before and would undoubtedly be using it again in the future.




Celebration Evening at the Brazza Club 2020


Dear Members,

It is with regret that I am writing to let you know that it is unlikely that we will be able to hold this year’s celebration evening in October in its usual format.  I had some exciting plans in mind, building on last year’s event, but given the current situation of COVID-19 in regards to social distancing, large gatherings and meeting up with other individuals, it may not be possible.

Usually recognition would be given for various projects however many of you have had to put plans on hold so this element of the evening would also perhaps not feature.

I would like to thank all of you for all that you do as volunteers and your continued efforts to improve where we live.

Best Wishes


Rebecca Robinett

Street Pride Co-ordinator


All litter picks + AGM have been cancelled

New information on litter picking 4th June 2020

Thank you for following previous government advice in relation to general street pride activities and volunteer gatherings being put on hold during the COVID-19 outbreak.
However given that a number of enquiries have been received regarding whether certain street pride activities such as weeding, planting and solo litter picking could go ahead, the following information reflects government guidance at present.
Please take some time to have a read in order for you to decide whether such activities can happen and how to undertake them as safely as possible. Your group risk assessment must be updated taking into consideration COVID-19 aspects before any activities resume. If you wish for some support in completing these risk assessments please do ask me and I will be more than happy to help, in consultation with colleagues.
Whilst current government guidance is still to stay at home as much as possible some guidance has been updated. From Monday 1st June up to six people are allowed to meet outside (for instance, in parks, gardens and other private outdoor spaces) and take part in outdoor activities provided those from different households adhere to strict social distancing guidelines by staying two metres apart.
Exercising and spending time outdoors is encouraged however social distancing must be practiced. Exercising with members of your own household is permitted.
The risk of the coronavirus being passed onto others outdoors is considered to be low as long as people maintain social distancing.
You cannot gather outdoors in a group of more than six therefore activities where you would gather as a group are still not permitted.
To stay safe, the following must be followed:
·         Take hygiene precautions when you are outside
·         Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before and after the activity and when you get home
·         Keep at least two metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times
·         Take hand sanitiser with you (please let me know should you need help in acquiring sanitiser)
·         Wear gloves during the activity (litter picking, gardening) at all times
·         Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects, such as litter pickers, using your regular cleaning products
·         Equipment must not be shared
·         Keep the activity time involved as short as possible
·         Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms
·         Those who are classed as clinically vulnerable should take extra care in observing social distancing
·         It is advisable that those individuals who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, stay at home as much as possible and follow advice from their GP surgery / government about spending time outdoors
·         Additional PPE, such as a face covering, beyond what you usually wear is not required
Gardening at some sites may draw the attention of others. You may wish to consider taping an area off where you are working so that individuals do not approach or abort the activity where an individual refuses to move away.
The Secretary of the group may wish to coordinate activities on a rota type basis, of who is going out and when so that the same areas are not being looked after by someone at the same time and day as someone else.



Dear Members, 

Events are moving even more quickly than first thought, there is no benefit at all in exposing members to additional risk of infection from the Coronavirus.
It has therefore been decided that all litter pick events have been CANCELLED until further notice
If you so wish, you may litter pick as an individual, this will be your choice, don’t forget to wear your hi-viz jacket.
Peter + another from Rebecca

I have received a couple of enquiries asking whether certain street pride activities such as weeding, planting and solo litter picking could now be done whilst out exercising, so I just wanted to provide an update on street pride activities and COVID-19.

Given that the current government advice is still to observe social distancing and only go out when absolutely necessary such as for work when you cannot work from home, essential shopping or to exercise, our recommendation is still that street pride activities including lone activities do not go ahead.

I hope you can also appreciate that allowing some Street Pride activities to resume could have a knock on effect whereby other members of the public having seen others out start to resume activities which still may not be deemed safe at this time.  

I wish to reiterate previous comments in that FDC & I myself thank you for all that you do as volunteers but wish for you all to be safe, especially as some of you may well be considered to be more vulnerable.

I will keep you updated and should guidance change I will advise accordingly.

Best Wishes


Rebecca Robinett

Street Pride Co-ordinator


The Ivy Leaf Whittlesey litter pick –  14th March 2020


Good day to you all, another excellent litter pick starting this morning from the Ivy Leaf Club. Twenty one members attended and spread out across the area, collecting in total 24 bags of rubbish. A very good result indeed. I would like to thank the Management and members of the Ivy Leaf for allowing us to use their car park as a start and finish location.


Kings Delph litter pick –  29th February 2020


At last we were able to litter pick Kings Delph, after some abortive tries due to bad weather. Although it really poured down, we intrepid 11 litter pickers carried on, collecting 25 bags of rubbish and assorted car parts. Well done to those that attended and a big thank you .


Gothic House litter pick – 1st February 2020


A fantastic morning litter pick at the Gothic House. It was an amazing eye opener 21 members attended and found 41 bags of rubbish, yes you did read that correctly, now you can understand my amazement as to the amount collected. A very big thank you to all of you that attended and did such an amazing job this morning.


Straw-bear clean-up Sunday – 19th January 2020


Today,18 members turned out  on what can only be considered a very cold morning. Although the FDC cleansing department had been out with a road sweeper, plus we had brought forward the start time to 9 am, we still managed to collect 26 bags. Then it was off to Wetherspoons for a hot drink. We would like to welcome three new members this morning, Elaine, Daniel and Margaret, I hoped that you enjoyed the morning and found the whole experience  therapeutic.



Goodbye 2019 and Hello to 2020

The New Years litter Pick on the Butter Cross –                                           1st January 2020


Happy New Year to all of our members and thank you to those 15 members that attended this morning picking 17 bags of assorted litter. This I am delighted to say included three new members, welcome to Simon, Tammy and Michael. A most enjoyable morning with very good weather conditions culminating with a gathering in the George Wetherspoons for refreshments. Thanks Alan for the use of your flexible friend, the credit card.

Please note that the next litter pick is on Sunday 19th January at the Butter Cross for Straw Bear clean up day. At the earlier time of  9am for this meeting only.